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Steps to diagnose troubleshoot application crashing

Something that I have experienced in Mac, which can be considered a draw back, is crashing and freezing of applications very so often. If this is happening repeatedly, then it could be a major problem.
I am mentioning some really simple and user friendly steps to diagnose and fix the crash/freezing problem.
a) Quit the application and re-launch it, probably a simple one to start with. If you have apps open for long periods of time, and it starts freezing a lot its usually time to restart it.
b) Try to Log off. This step helps to clear caches and allow you Mac to reload files.
c) Reboot your Mac. Sometimes just logging off will not help, in this case we have to restart the machine. This will clear all code from memory and allow you to start again. This works well in the cases where problems are occurred when apps running for too long.
d) Try to delete the Preferences (.plist). The preference files are saved in HD > username > Library > Preferences.
e) Update the application. As it is recommended by Apple, always keep the application updated. The crash and bug you may be experiencing could be caused by dodgy code; this code may have been cleaned up in a new version.
f) Disable if there are any plugins. This is for applications such as Firefox, Safari crashes it might be time to disable plugins and start them up one by one. You can then find what plugin is causing it and troubleshoot accordingly.

Many issue will get resoved with these 6 steps, if not then we have to proceed with some hardcore steps which I will mention in my coming posts.