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Changing welcome message in Terminal

When you launch Terminal you get the borong black screen with the date and time of your last login. In this post I will mention the steps to change the welcome message in Terminal. This step includes using a sudo command so you will have to be extra careful.

1. Firstly type cd /etc this will change the file path to the etc, i.e. a hidden folder, on your computer. Once done, type sudo pico motd. Now the system will ask you to type in your user password to get it to work.

2. Next step is to type in your message. Once you have finished typing your message, press ctrl+X, to bring up the exit window. On this screen you need to press Y which will save changes and then keep the default file name of motd by pressing Enter.

3. That's done. All you had to do is follow these two steps and your Terminal will welcome you with a customised message of your choice.