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How to fix font issues in MS-Office

When you try to launch any MS-Office suite program or open a document for any of those program, a splash screen may appear, but then the program closes unexpectedly.
This could happen if there is a damaged or an unsupported font in one of the Fonts folders on your computer. When a Microsoft Office 2004/2008 program starts, the program will try to read and to create an optimized list of the fonts available in the OS X. If the program finds a damaged font, the program may close unexpectedly.
The following conditions can cause this problem to occur, once you identify it, you can follow upcoming posts to fix it:

  • Duplicate font files.
  • Corrupted Font Cache file.
  • Corrupted font files and folders.
In next few posts we will talk about fixing all the issues seperately.
While any troubleshooting do not try to change any font folders that you find in the Mac OS X System folder.