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Apple Remote Desktop version 3.3 is now available

Let me give a brief idea what ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) is. It allows you to manage the Mac computers on your network. You can also distribute software, provide real-time online help to others, create detailed software and hardware reports, and also automate routine management tasks.
Apple Remote Desktop version 3.3 is now available and it includes two update packages:
(A) Apple Remote Desktop Client 3.3.1 updates the software that facilitates Remote Management (enabled in Sharing preferences, in System Preferences).
(B) Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.3 updates the Remote Desktop application, which can be used to remotely administer Apple Remote Desktop clients.

You can download it from Apple.
  1. Includes Task Server and Directory Server scanners, for finding client computers known by your task server and clients in computer groups on a directory server.
  2. New "Reporting" tab in client computer Info window, to set a single reporting policy for the client computer, shared by all Remote Desktop administrator computers.
  3. Improves client stability when Sharing Screen.
  4. Scheduled UNIX Commands stay scheduled.
  5. When controlling a remote client, function keys and key combinations for actions such as Force Quit, Log Out, and the Application Switcher are now all sent to the remote computer.
  6. Improves screen sharing performance with RealVNC.
  7. Improves performance of encrypted file copies.