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Twitter application for Mac users

This application also, like other applications is designed to focus primarily on the feeds. This is clearly represented within the window of the program. Every tweet is clearly mentioned in a bubble looking area and the authors image is next to it. Your own tweets are on the right side of the application with everyone else’s is on the left so that you can clearly make out who’s are who and the conversation.

Tweetie is lot more than just a way of following your Twitter feed. You can send messages and also there are some cool features accompanying that. For instance you can add a second, third and a whole number of other accounts into the app. This is really great, if you have more than two accounts it can become difficult, to manage and post too both. Tweetie lets you do this, the secondary accounts are signified by the logos below the main features on the left hand side.

One other cool feature is the ability to have threaded direct messages. I don’t really use direct messages, however if you ever get into a conversation with someone it will show a threaded conversation. This is very similar to iChat and the iPhone SMS interface. It allows you to see what has happened within the conversation in a clear and concise manner.

After usign Tweetie, I found it great and I beleive you too will.