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Ready to make your Mac fastest ever?

Working simultaneously on a Mac and any Core2duo PC you will experience that the speed is too slow on Mac while performing the same task on both the machines, but now with Snow Leopard, Apple claims your Mac machine will be faster than ever (make sure your drivers and the hardware meet the compliance). Mentioning some of the tasks that Apple claims about 10.6:

  • Installation 1.8 times faster.
  • Backup 2 times faster.
  • Wake up 2 times faster.
  • Shut down 1.75 faster.
  • Join network 1.55x Times faster than Leopard.
  • Resolution in iChat 4 times clear than before.
  • 75% faster shut down.
  • 55% faster connectivity to networks.
  • With Snow Leopard, Safari 4 delivers up to 50 percent faster JavaScript performance thanks to its 64-bit support.

So get your fingers ready for faster rate of click to work on Snow Leopard.

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Manish Sharma said...

That seems to really cooool!!!!
Thanks for this information...; )