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How to force quit an application in Mac

This post will update you process to force quit an application if in case it is creating any issue or is freezed. Just as we used ctrl+alt+del in PC we use force quit in Mac. The process to force quit an application is by pressing command+option+escape which will take you to the window to select the application that you want to force quit.

Using Force Quit with Finder: Unlike the applications force quit can never be used to quit the Finder. Mac has designed Finder to be open evey time no matter what are you doing on the machine it will be running at the background. On force quit window in front of Finder you will find an option of restart rather than force quit.

So the idea is, never waste time searching option to quit finder, Mac will never allow you.


Anonymous said...

Thanx buddy but u know Y do we need this, y do applications freeze on the first hand???

Anonymous said...

This is great - i have been monkying around trying to kill the application using the terminal, but this is a lot faster! - Thanks again!