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Steps to remove unwanted applications from login items

Once you are an old user on Mac, you will install multiple applications and softwares depending on your needs. Some or many of them might go to your start up items and make your machine slow at the time of startup after login. I am going to mention a small tip to remove the login items that are not required so that the start up process consumes as less time as possible. This is really effective and you can feel the difference once you follow these steps.

In orded to reach login items, you need to go to System Preferences, select your account under Accounts and go to Login Items tab.

On this window where the login items are displayed, select the one of your choice and remove the check from the ones which are not required.
There is another option for doing this, you can also right click on the desired application on the dock and uncheck the option “Open At Login”.

Just to inform you that this shortcut way won't work for applications that don’t have a dock item.