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Using AirPort to connect to the Internet

The prerequisites are you should have an AirPort card installed in your computer and you should be in the range of an AirPort network that is connected to the Internet, then you can use AirPort to connect to the same Internet line.
In order to get connected to an AirPort network you need to follow the following steps:

1. Choose Apple icon and go to System Preferences then click on Network.
2. Select AirPort in the Network Connection list and choose a wireless network from the Network Name pop-up menu.
3. Might be possible that you'll require to enter the password for the network.
4. If the network you are expecting is not in the list, it may be a “closed” network and not be available in the list, then...
5. Try clicking "Other" and then enter the network 'name and password' if asked for.
6. Here there is chance of AirPort not being in the list, if so, click Add (+) at the bottom of the list and choose AirPort from the Interface pop-up menu, give the AirPort service a name, and then click on Create.
7. Now select “Show AirPort status in menu bar” and this will display the AirPort status icon.
8. AirPort icon in the menu bar is used to choose your network from the list and connect to it.