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Deleting Windows Partition from Mac HD using Boot Camp

1. The very first step would be launching the boot camp assistance.
2. Go to Application, open Utilities and launch Boot Camp.
3. On the initial Boot Camp Assistant window, click on Continue.
4. Now select Create or remove a Windows partition and then click Continue.
5. Here you have to select Restore button which will remove Windows partition and restore it to normal single OS X partition.
6. On this step your OS X might ask you to verify that you have admin rights on this machine so enter the password and click OK.
7. Here is the main action, Boot Camp Assistant will start partition process.
8. That's it now Windows has been removed forever, and now your drive has a single partition back again.

Just to remind you that by deleting partition yu have removed all the data on this partition so make sure before doing this you backup all the data on this partition.