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Pdf file not opening in Acrobat

Unable to open pdf file in Adobe Acrobat

One of the other issues that I face often about pdf files not opening in Acrobat but in Word or some other application. This issue is not as tough as it sounds, its all about changing the default application. These simple steps will help you to get rid of this issue:

  • Select the file that needs to open & press command+i in combination.
  • This will open the info window displaying all the charecterstics of this file.
  • Expand Open with and see the application chosen there.
  • Change the application with drop down arrow and if Acrobat is not there then choose it from more applications.
  • After chosing now this file will always open in Acrobat.
If you want this change to be permanent, then click on the button Change All which will open all the files of this type in Acrobat. This is not just limited till pdf and Acrobat, following these steps you can change default application of any file type.