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Process to connect to a server or a share drive

From the Finder menu, click on Go and the select Connect to Server or Press Command+K as shortcut.
It will take you to the connect to server window.

Enter name or the IP Address of the server or share drive (with smb:// as prefix) that you need to access and click on Connect.
If user is unable to connect to server:

1. Now try with different protocols like smb://, ftp:// or afp:// with correct symbols.
2. Check on another machine, if you are able to connect, if yes then restart the machine & retry.
If there is no connectivity issue in the network then this should resolve this issue.

Process to disconnect to a server or a share drive

All you need to do is hold the share drive and drag it to the trash. As soon as you start draging the icon, Trash will change into eject icon.


GwenEllyn said...

My Mac Trash remains Trash. It does not change to an eject icon. So what's up?

Jon Cal said...

How can you forget a server, after you have told your computer to remember the password in a keychain? Also, how do you get to a partition on the same drive that you're already logged into?