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Fonts not to be deleted in Entourage

As we all know that there are certain fonts that are required in order to run each application. Microsoft Office 2004 is exactly same, at the time of installation it creates a folder and keeps all the fonts in it. They are 77 in numbers and are placed in the following folder:

Home/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Fonts

Note: There are several other font folders the system calls on in addition to the user's font folder. For more on OS X and the font folder hierarchy, see this Apple Knowledge Base article. Fonts in OS X are complex. You need to understand how they work before experimenting with them (and in any case, leave the System font folder – Harddrive/System/Library/Fonts – alone!). Source

As this applications install fonts, without regard to yoy already have on your Mac(not to speak of the fonts that you yourself may install), it is quite common to end up with font folders full of duplicates as well as fonts you don't expect to ever need.

List of MS Office Fonts.