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How to set up Live Hotmail account in Entourage
One of the best feature provided by Windows is to configure Live Hotmail accounts in any mail client and if you own a Mac, luckily you too can do it.
Note: Make sure that all the Live mail accounts have to be configured as POP3 account and the steps are mentioned below. Even if you want to make it easier we can not help you as it is not possible to follow setup assistant.Apart from Setting the account up, there are some other steps that needs to be followed, i.e. a scheduler needs to be created as the mails should be sent and received at an interval of not less than 20 minutes as there can be duplicate mails coming in your inbox.
Configuring the account:
1. Before we start configuring the account, just login to your Live Hotmail ID using your browser and then just logoff.
2. Now lets start with Entourage, on the Entourage menu, goto Account Settings.
3. Click the arrow after New, and then hit Mail.
4. Now if you get Account Setup Assistant, don't take any help from it, rather click Configure Account Manually.
5. Select POP under Account type, and then click OK.
6. now on Account Settings tab, in the Account name box, give a name that you want to be used for this account in Entourage.
7. Where it says Personal Information, type the name that you want to be displayed next to you emails in 'From' section in receiver's inbox and the Hotmail Live e-mail address.
8. Now come under 'Receiving mail', enter your Live Hotmail address and its password.
9. In the box that says POP server, enter
10 Select Click here for advanced receiving options, and then select This POP service requires a secure connection (SSL) check box.
11. In Send mail, in SMTP server section, type
12. Again Click Click here for advanced sending options, & now select SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL) check box. Along with this select the options for SMTP server requires authentication and Use same settings as receiving mail server.
13. Under Account name, uncheck the Include this account in my “Send & Receive All” schedule check box.
14. Come on the Options tab, and under Server options, select the Leave a copy of each message on the server check box and uncheck the Delete messages from the server after they are deleted from this computer check box.
15. Now once you click OK, Windows Live Hotmail account should appear in the Accounts window.
Though you can start sending and receiving mails but I would suggest you to make some more settings as per the next post.