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The very Basic Entourage troubleshooting.

1. The very first thing you need to make sure of, is you need to be updated. Not just OS X but also your MS Office suite. Most of the problems are solved by simply keeping the machine updated. Make sure you are using the latest versions for the OS and Microsoft Office.
2. Sometimes just a normal rebooting of your Mac is required. This often fixes many problems.
3. Running Repair Permissions is another standard tool used to repair problems, but it is more effective with the inbuilt OS X applications.
4. The very first recommended step is to delete cache files which is effective many times.
5. Finally you have the option to delete the plist i.e. deleting the preferences files. Doing this the application changes all the settings to default hence solving the issue if it was due to any changes made.


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Martin said...


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Hi Martin,

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Anonymous said...

Please use caution with the advice above.

Note that all of the enthusiastic posts above obviously are pushing the "Recovery Tool" all od the links above go to the same comany's sites!

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