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Check Your Exchange Mail Without VPN access in Entourage

The most dynamic feature in Entourage 2004 is providing you the ability to check your corporate Email being out of office, on your Mac and all this can be done without even firing up a VPN connection and tunneling into your office network. Now all you need is your Macbook while you are on the move or at your home or at any Wi-Fi zone, just follow the following steps to access your mails in 'office style':

1. Launch your browser & log into your organization's Outlook Web Access website.
2. From the web address feild, copy all the matter till the first slash, including it. (just to explain, if the web address is, copy
3. Now launch the Entourage and go to Tools and select Account Settings.
4. Open the settings and paste the copied website address in the Server field.
5. Once done, you hould be able to send & recieving mails without using VPN.

If you want to access public folders from home, go to the Public Folders link in Outlook Web Access and copy-paste the first part of the URL (e.g. into the Public Folder server field on your Exchange account's Advanced tab in your Entourage.