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Set up Entourage to launch automatically when you login

If Entourage is an essential application for you and you use it as an important tool for your business, then this post could be of great help for you. I am mentioning the setup procedure to launch Entourge at the time of login.
1. Go to "System Preferences".
2. Select "Accounts".
3. In Accounts window, select you name.
4. Open the "Login Items" and add click on "+" icon.
5. Browse and add Entourage as its default location is in Applications > Microsoft Office 2004 (or 2008) > Entourage.
6. Once you add the application, come out of Accounts window and re-login to the machine to check if it is working fine.

I suggest new users a simple way i.e. just launch Entourage and then hold the icon on the dock, you will get an option of Open at Login, just select it and it is done.