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Junk Email settings

There is nothing much to be mentioned under this topic as Entourage 2004 and its latest edition i.e. Entourage 2008 has inbuilt feature for Junk emails. It automatically creates a junk folder and sorts all the junk mails arriving the inbox.

The basics of JMF (Junk Mail Folder)
[i] It is strictly not recommended to put your junk mail folder in deleted items as there is possibility of some good mails being moved to the junk folder.
[ii] JMF will not work on any contact that is added in your contacat list.
[iii] This is inbuilt in Entourage 2004 & Entourage 2008, in older versions you have to setup JMF manually.

If still you continue to get junk mails, you can get a free script to stop spam.

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