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How to uninstall Applications in Mac OS X

The problem with Mac OS X is that like a PC it does not have add remove programs menu which can be used to get rid of the application or software you want to. There are different steps which can be used to uninstall the application. Few of them are mentioned below:

Method 1
Steps to uninstall applications in Mac OS X:
1. Click on Macintosh HD
2. Click Applications icon , it displays all the applications installed on your system
3. Select the application to be removed , hold ‘CTRL” key , it will bring the options and actions
4. Select the operation ” Move to trash”

Method 2
Just dragging the application you wish to remove, to the trash bin in the dock will delete it.

Method 3
You can also uninstall the applications and related preferences with the shortcuts using the third party applications like AppTrap.

Method 4
If you ran an installer to install an application, you may wish to try running the installation program again to see if an uninstall option is available at any point during installation (many times in a drop-down menu). Check the installation CD or disk image for the original installer file. Some vendors have included simple Perl scripts that will run in the command line to uninstall applications, and may be named "". Running this will also remove the application completely from your machine.