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Skype 2.8 for Mac OS X - Keep in touch

World's best Skype has released ver 2.8 for Mac OS X loaded with many new features. Now you can also share your screen with somene you are on call with and experience better sound and image quality.
If you are wondering what Skype is or have never heard or used Skype before, let me describe in one line. It's a program used for communicating with others via chat or a telephone-like system that allows users to talk or make video calls to each other for free. This application has recently gained much populatiry since they have launched new version for mobile devices.

New features included in the latest ver 2.8 for Mac OS X are:

Now insted of instructing how to work, you can share the screen & show. A really simple screen share tool.
Experience better audio and video. The image resolution is better than ever. You will love it on your iMac.
Download Skype for Mac OS X from here.