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Starting a Mac machine in Verbose or Single user mode is generally user for troubleshooting and Software Development. I am publishing a seperate article on this because in many of the troubeshooting steps that I have asked you to start your Mac in Verbose mode or single user mode in my last articles.

Process to start in these modes:

  1. You need to shut down the machine, for new users I would like to add that you if in case you need to do a hard reboot of your machine, please keep the power button pressed for more that six seconds, reason being Mac goes in sleep mode if you press the power button for 3 seconds and you will never know if your Mac is completely turned off is just sleeping.
  2. After starting the machine, press Apple key and one of the v/s keys in combination. Here 'v' will take you to Verbose mode and 's' will take you to Single user mode.

To Exit from Verbose and Single user mode: You need to type reboot while exiting from Single user mode but if you are in verbose mode all you need is to reboot the machine & it will exit and restart in normal mode.

When you login to Single user mode, the layout of your keyboard will be American English.

If Firmware Password Protection is enable by administrator or owner of the computer, you won't be able to login to Verbose mode.

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